Max Van Kleek (electronic Max)

Dr Max Van Kleek (electronic Max)

ECS, University of Southampton

Max Van Kleek is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, and human-computer interaction investigative lead for the EPSRC SOCIAM Project, “Theory and Practice of Social Machines”. Max received his S.B., M.Eng and Ph.D. from MIT, with a focus on AI, HCI, interaction design and computational cognitive science.

Max arrived at ECS Southampton in February 2010 after studying at MIT CSAIL for 10 years as a Ph.D. student in the Haystack Group under Prof. David Karger.  Prior to CSAIL he worked at the MIT Media Lab, doing interaction design under Prof. John Maeda and the Aesthetics and Computation Group, and focused on AI algorithms for personal information visualisation and user modeling.

During his studies there he created List-it: an open source note taking tool, Atomate: a personal reactive assistant for the web, eyebrowse: a way to share your web browsing activities in real time, and Poyozo: an automatic personal diary