Christopher Boyko

Dr Christopher Boyko

Lancaster University

Christopher is a Senior Research Associate in ImaginationLancaster. His general research and teaching interests include wellbeing, sustainability,urban design, regeneration, decision-making processes, public space, environmental psychology, (qualitative) methods and urban tourism.

Christopher is currently examining wellbeing on a 5-year, £6 million EPSRC project called Liveable Cities. This research builds on his previous work aboutdensity and the decision-making process on a 4-year, £3 million EPSRC project called Urban Futures as well as work on the urban design decision-making process and its relationship to sustainability from a 5-year, £3 million EPSRC-funded research project, VivaCity2020: Urban Sustainability for the 24-hour City. In between these projects, Christopher co-wrote a government report about the impacts of the physical environment on mental well-being. Finally, he has been working on a Lancaster University Early Career Grant with colleagues in Sociology (Monika Buscher, Tim Dant) and Criminology (Karenza Moore), studying key changes in the ‘interaction order’ of public spaces. Christopher is an Associate member of the Higher Education Academy, an academic member of the Association of Town Centre Management and a member of the Environmental Design Research Association.