CX Project

Where do you go to?

Where do you go to?

Making an invisible group visible

2 Commercial Partners
2 Academic Researchers
The Bartlett, University College London
CX PhD Student

1. Individuals who work alone and connect in digital space are quite invisible. We want to help individuals in a network build a sense of community and be more visible to each other and to clients as real people

2. Digital public space is insubstantial and this may be a factor hindering people from using it as much or as well as they could. Finding a way to visualise the digital space might help people think of virtual places in a similar way to physical places and be more comfortable. There is a real issue at the moment about how best to move forward with digital distributed working

Latest Project Activity

Workshop: Graph Commons

21st Feb 2014
I have collaborated with artist Burak Arikan to run a workshop as part of the Time & Motion exhibition at FACT in Liverpool about personal network mapping and making. This one day workshop focuses on the design and understanding of the complex networks of work and personal identity through mapping and...

How far does the workspace headspace reach?

6th Feb 2014
We built a collaborative map with the visitors to the FACT gallery, pinpointing where they were digitally connecting around Liverpool, the UK and the world. For our workshop I developed a method of collaboratively discussing and mapping digital networks and connections using pushpins and colour coded connections. The backdrop to our...

Decode FACT: a workshop in the Co-Working Space

1st Feb 2014
An introduction to our Decode FACT workshop for the Time & Motion Exhibition at FACT, Liverpool. At one end of the 'Hybrid Lives' Co-Working space in the foyer of FACT is a tall, thin wall. Pinned to the wall are photos of desks and other spaces of work. If you look...

Understanding digital experience through use

27th Sep 2013
We've found the best way to understand the digital experiences we have been prototyping in apps for our participants is by also using them ourselves. After developing and testing our Where do you go to? desk capturing and sharing app at the BBC Media City, we have been usings it within...

Desks and the 'place' in workplace

17th Sep 2013
Following the interviews with our project participants, we have seen several themes begin to emerge. We set out to explore digital tools to support collaboration at a distance. Through a process of co-design, prototyping and documentation of our work we have identified 'place' as a description for the properties of traditional...