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A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Creating a 'commons' around shareable data, and its potential for interaction, serendipity, mapping, storytelling, knowledge transfer and other human behaviours.

2 Commercial Partners
2 Academic Researchers
ECS, University of Southampton
CX PhD Student

This project seeks to explore the question of how digital communal space may be woven in a new Web, where people own and control their data and their interactions with others. We propose that a park offers an appropriate model for such a public space, defined by local rules, where behaviour is broadly-speaking socially-determined and which is generally seen as a place for recreation and relaxation with friends, family or alone – but always amongst others, and with the possibility of establishing new ties by serendipitously crossing paths with someone you don’t yet know well.

Latest Project Activity

The New Cloud Atlas

8th Jul 2015
The New Cloud Atlas is a global effort to map each data place that makes up the cloud in an open and accountable way. As an outcome of the Walk in the Park project, the Atlas was developed by CX PhD student Ben Dalton, geospatial developer, Tim Waters, and the design...

sous les pavés, la plage

14th Nov 2013
A quote stood out for me in the notes of a talk by Tom Armitage at the 2013 Playark games festival in relationship to digital public spaces, structures of organisation and potential for exploration. Tom writes: One of the slogans of the Situationist International was: sous les pavés, la plage: "underneath the paving...

"inspired centers of civic life"

25th Mar 2013
James Howard Kunstler described successful public spaces as “inspired centers of civic life and the physical manifestation of the common good”. An insightful exploration of our public park metaphor over on the Future is Personal from project partner Max Van Kleek helps to reveal our motivations for using parks as a...

Modelling Digital Public Space: a sandpit event

20th Feb 2013
My experience as a facillitator in one of the breakout groups in the latest Creative Exchange sandpit event was full of ideas and great potential for collaboration. From my perspective, our theme for the day was an exploration of concepts of modelling. As a means of structuring understanding of digital public...