CX Project

Tuning In to T. Dan Smith

The project aims to explore the role that digital technology can play in the interpretation of urban spaces and urban regeneration and how locative digital content can affect the way a place is experienced and understood.

3 Commercial Partners
2 Academic Researchers
Newcastle University
CX PhD Student

This will be achieved through prototyping a locative media application to access different layers of media content, comprising a selection of audio archives of T. Dan Smith, Leader of Newcastle City Council through the 1960s. Smith was a driving force in the city’s redevelopment and his influence still looms large in the architecture of the city. However, many of his developments, such as tower blocks and Brutalist buildings in the city centre, are no longer well regarded and many are themselves targets for regeneration. Our application will aim to create a greater understanding of the logic behind Newcastle’s past development and prompt reflection on future development of the city. The application will present extracts from Amber Collective’s T. Dan Smith audio interviews archive and other archival material such as news reports, readings of newspaper reports, archival interviews with residents etc. This content will feature alongside newly generated media content such as musical scores and poetry.

Latest Project Activity

City Walks – a two-part method for civic engagement to be presented at CHI2015, Seoul

20th Dec 2014
Research carried out as part of the Tuning Into T Dan Smith project has been written up and has been accepted at the Conference of Computer Human Interaction - CHI2015 in Seoul, South Korea. The research paper, “Contesting the City: Enacting the Political through Digitally Supported Urban Walks”, presents City Walks...

From the T Dan Smith walk to “City Walks” : testing City Walks as a two part method

30th May 2014
Walks prototypes and tests from the Tuning into T. Dan Smith project have driven the development of a prototype city walking tour, called “City `Walk” that utilizes participants generated content gathered in the T Dan Smith walks undertaken during the first few months of the project. The T Dan Smith provided...

Tuning into T. Dan Smith links research with Newcastle University's Architecture MA students

25th Feb 2014
Academic partner on the project, Martyn Dade-Robertson linked our current research on the Tuning into T. Dan Smith project, with the interaction design module for architecture masters students, whereby learning from the interactive walking tour work and the students’ project work can inform each other. Students were asked to produce a...

Prototyping the T Dan Smith Walk: counterfactual maps, prompt cards and audio archives

20th Jan 2014
In early January project partners, Martyn Dade-Robertson and Alex Butterworth from Amber joined us for a one-day workshop to co-design the first walk prototype. In the workshop a framework for the walk was developed for testing on the 21st of January. The T Dan Smith walk prototype structure, tools and rules...

Detours and diversions in the city - digital archives as provocations

2nd Dec 2013
The project kick-started in mid October with a meeting between all partners, where we discussed  ways to explore the potential of situated digital content to provoke debate that may lead to socio-political action about the built environment and social practices in the city. The T. Dan Smith archive threads the city...