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States of Mind

States of Mind

The States of Mind project has developed an interactive tool allowing exhibition visitors to easily create colourful 3D objects to visually represent their feelings and cognitions at that moment.

2 Commercial Partners
3 Academic Researchers
Swansea Metropolitan University
Royal College of Art
CX PhD Student

This combined project and field trial aims to develop and test an innovative commercial product for engaging museum and gallery visitors to drive creative digital business and cultural innovation in the Northwest of England. By building on Nexus Productions’ experience of developing an interactive digital platform, originally produced for the V&A Memory Palace exhibition (, and testing its applicability in new contexts, the project aims to develop a new commercial prototype that will elicit and position private visitor feedback in a public context, open up new visitor experiences and meanings, and enhance museum and gallery data collection, interpretation and presentation methods. The precedent of the Memory Palace platform used a proprietary interactive application to collect drawings of visitors’ memories, collate them into exhibition format posters and share the material via a web database.

The project provides an opportunity to encourage engagement with exhibition content through developing, installing and testing the new prototype in the FACT Liverpool Group Therapy exhibition (5 March - 17 May 2015). By working with FACT to test its efficacy, Nexus Productions will be able to develop the capability of an interactive digital platform as a commercial product for a broader range of museum and gallery applications. At the same time, the prototype allows for the testing of new ways of engaging visitors through a design process involving actions such as drawing and script writing in real-time. By activating these responses within a narrative context, the platform offers an opportunity for visitors to reflect on their experiences of the exhibition, while creating new meanings and simultaneously capturing information about the exhibition to enrich its evaluation.


Latest Project Activity

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27th Apr 2015
This post will look at three projects that form part of the ‘Group Therapy’ exhibition, on show at FACT Liverpool until May 17. These include the design for the exhibition, the new commission ‘Madlove: A Designer Asylum’ for the vacuum cleaner, and a collaborative project under the umbrella of The...

Watch: States of Mind, an interactive installation: on show now at FACT

26th Mar 2015
Watch a video clip showing the States of Mind project, a collaboration between the RCA and Nexus Productions and part of FACT Liverpool's Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age exhibition (until 17th May 2015).  In collaboration with Nexus Productions, the States of Mind project has developed a digital interactive...