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Sound Spaces

Sound Spaces

Sound Spaces explores the potential of spatialised sound through public making

2 Commercial Partners
4 Academic Researchers
CX PhD Student
John Bowers
Simon Bowen
Knowledge Exchange Associate
Newcastle University

‘Sound Spaces’ was a practical and creative exploration of the potential of spatialised (“3-D”) sound through the making of spatialised sound environments that creatively respond to and gain perspectives on how we experience the urban environment. The project unpacked various elements of what the city is, how it might be (re)imagined as ‘disappeared’ or non-existent spaces and how it could be explored through sonic environments as material (Ingold, 2013). Through public and SME participation, the project also investigated how SMEs might incorporate spatialised sound in their own creative, technical and public engagement activities. The project was focussed on the city of Liverpool beginning with a four-day public making workshop as part of FACT Liverpool’s Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing exhibition programme. During this workshop, participants explored the use of spatialised sound by, for example, creating a fictional map of Liverpool based on the sonic affinities of places within the city (‘Soundlines’ – one part leyline, one part songline). The workshop also explored the use of inexpensive, self-made technology and sophisticated ambisonic systems (Kinicho) for the creation of digitally spatialised sound environments.


Ingold, T. (2013). Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Shaw, T., & Bowers, J. (2015). Public Making : Artistic Strategies for Working with Museum Collections , Technologies and Publics. In Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art. Vancouver, Canada.

Latest Project Activity

Sound Spaces at Thinking Digital

20th Apr 2016
Developing from the Sound Spaces collaboration in Liverpool, CX partners Stefan Kazassoglou (of Kinicho), and Tim Shaw and John Bowers (of Newcastle University) will be at Thinking Digital Newcastle 10,11 May 2016. Kinicho will be installing their COSMOS sound system for third-order ambisonics, which will be used for a creative collaboration...

Photos from Sound Spaces

3rd Nov 2015
Photographs made during the Sound Spaces project are now available online. Including the Sound Lines public making workshop, Sound Spaces exhibition, and public performances by Philip Jeck, Tim Shaw and John Bowers.

Sound Spaces Exhibition reveals Liverpool's hidden spaces

18th Oct 2015
Exhibition at FACT Liverpool (19 - 23 October) uses unique photography and sound techniques to transport visitors to new realms - and in new ways. Sound Spaces transports visitors to some iconic and unusual Liverpool locations - without them moving a muscle. Release inhibitions - shout in the library, curse in...