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Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

Seabreeze is a project is to explore how the model of creative practice and the process of engagement with a community of users can inform similar interventions in heritage and contested spaces.

3 Commercial Partners
4 Academic Researchers
Andrew Quick
CX PhD Student
CX PhD Student
Sheffield Hallam University

Sea Breeze is a poetic and spectacular site-specific performance inspired by and presented in Morecambe’s iconic Winter Gardens theatre. Sea Breeze draws on extensive research in the building, and the gathered stories and recollections of those who once worked there, from the ticket and ice-cream sellers to the one who locked the doors after the very last show in the seventies, after which the theatre became dark.


Research focuses on how a complex creative and participatory based process can be translated and made material in the digital space, how particular technological approaches around projection and architectural mapping can be made available in an open source environment.

The artistic project is in receipt of £30K Arts Council Funding


Latest Project Activity

'Sea Breeze' Selected as Guardian number one show of 2014

24th Feb 2015
It was lovely to see that Alfred Hickling, one of 'The Guardian's' theatre critics selected Sea Breeze as his number one show of 2014. Sea Breeze Winter Gardens, Morecambe

Getting In-Place

16th Feb 2015
Brings together people and projects that are exploring Heritage, Place and Local Memory through Digital Tools. Communities, local authorities, artists, technologists, activists and researchers are getting together to work on creative projects to do with their local heritage, stories and memories using digital technologies. Creative Initiatives unique and specific to a place,...

Sea Breeze is changing direction.

28th Jan 2015
We are designing a platform that connects projects working creatively with digital technologies, heritage and place. I understand research processes as living things, beings. As researchers we invest energy and time planning them, time-lining them and delimiting their scope. But working creatively with people, with ideas and with dreams sometimes made...

Ruinous Theatre: An article written for Sea Breeze publication

5th Dec 2014
It is no accident that Terry Gilliam’s time traveling hero James Cole finds himself holed up in a disused theatre in his gloriously flawed film, Twelve Monkeys (1995). In a movie about the mutating possibilities of time travel set against the context of global catastrophe the scenes in the dilapidated Philadelphia...

Trailer for Sea Breeze now available on line

10th Oct 2014
Atmospheric video of performance of Sea Breeze really captures the spirit of the week in Morecambe. This trailer is part of a full length recording of the work that will be complemented by a documentary exploring the experience of putting the piece together.  Watch this space.