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Red Tales: A Participatory iDoc

Red Tales: A Participatory iDoc

An Interactive Documentary (iDoc) about red squirrel conservation in Northern England. Produced in collaboration with Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE), Wildscreen and members of the red squirrel conservation communities across Northern England.

1 Commercial Partner
Stocksfield, Northumberland
2 Academic Researchers
CX PhD Student
Simon Bowen
Knowledge Exchange Associate

Red Tales is a participatory, interactive documentary which has been developed as a vehicle to help understand the potential for future grassroots documentaries, particularly in a way that is sensitive to multiple voices and multiple levels of authorship. The subject of the documentary is red squirrel conservation, a topic which inspires strong and diverse opinions due to the unusual conservation methods used (grey-culling) and an unpleasant disease (squirrel pox), fatal to red squirrels, that is spreading northwards from England towards Scotland. The project builds on a long-term relationship with Red Squirrels Northern England, who coordinate red squirrel conservation efforts in the North of England. We are also partnering with Wildscreen, a conservation media charity who "use images to inspire the next generation of conservationists online and in their communities". Following a series of participatory workshops in both the real world and online, Red Tales was launched in January 2015 ( and will continue to develop online throughout 2015 through new contributions and new forms of participation. The ultimate aim of the project is to use innovative design methods to reveal new ways of making documentaries that circumvent problematic aspects of documentary authorship that were identified in a previous CX project, Participatory Production Technologies.

Latest Project Activity

Interactive documentary 'Red Tales' launched

14th Jun 2015
Unique, interactive documentary explores the secret life of our Red Squirrel through the eyes of the British public. Led by researchers at Newcastle University’s Open Lab in partnership with Red Squirrels Northern England and conservation charity Wildscreen, Red Tales is the first interactive documentary of its kind, bringing together red squirrel...

Red Squirrel iDoc Update

9th Sep 2014
On August 16th & 17th 2014, we conducted two participatory workshops in Northumberland (at Woodhorn Museum) and Cumbria (at Tullie House) to explore the key issues in red squirrel conservation and explore how these might be represented in the form of an iDoc (interactive documentary). The workshop was attended by members...