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Project R-hythm

Project R-hythm

Project R-hythm used performance-making to explore a landscape and reveal the temporal qualities of place. 

1 Academic Researcher
CX PhD Student

Project R-hythm was a performance-research project carried out on Holy Island in Northumberland.

Beginning August 2013 Project R-hythm collaborators used performance-making techniques to explore the effect that environmental rhythms have on everyday experience, and how these rhythms can form the basis of a live performance.

In August 2014 they created a walking performance which took audience members on a guided route around Holy Island, where they encountered live performance, participated in performance interventions and engaged in conversations around what it means to be in a relationship with a tidal island.



As a research project Project R-hythm revealed the unavoidable temporal qualities of a landscape and contrubted to the development of new performance making strategies for working with landcape as an artistic medium and collaborating presence. 

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