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On the Precipice

On the Precipice

Developing tools to capture audience experience in exhibitions.

2 Commercial Partners
2 Academic Researchers
University of Hull
CX PhD Student

The availability of technology in performance and exhibition spaces presents us with opportunities to collect data about audiences that can assist in understanding the audience’s experience or create performances and exhibitions that are more responsive to their audience. This project aims to take advantage of this opportunity to capture, analyse and represent the experience of transient audiences in a touring media art exhibition. We intend to explore:

  • What type of data can we collect from audiences?
  • How can we collect this data and in what form?
  • What can we do with this data and how can we present it back to audiences in engaging ways?

The project will lead to the development of a set of tools, potentially taking the form of a craft product, device, artefact or exhibit, that can be used in a variety of contexts to collect and present audience data. These tools will be developed and evaluated in two different contexts, in the first case for collecting audience data and in the second case for creating an adaptive experience.

The deployment will be carried out in the Big M, an inflatable, mobile exhibition venue for the presentation of video and new media work developed and run by ISIS Arts. Throughout 2013, Big M will tour the North East region housing On the Precipice, a programme of immersive film installations. In this context, tools will be used to better understand and develop the audiences that the organisation attracts (both existing and new).

Latest Project Activity

PrimeConf: Best of British

29th Jun 2014
Creative Exchange were proud to be exhibiting last week at the inaugural PrimeConf ‘Best of British’ conference, a celebration of the best of British digital technology talent. We supported this event as a sponsor because we felt that the event was very closely aligned with the aims of the Creative Exchange...

Making Souvenirs at Maker Faire UK

28th Apr 2014
Using experiential souvenir making to engage audiences and elicit feedback. After the development of the experiential souvenir making activities with ISIS Arts as part of the On The Precipice project, we showcased an adapted version at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle upon Tyne. With this we encouraged visitors at Maker Faire...

Experiential souvenir making

11th Dec 2013
Using digital fabrication to engage audiences in reflection and evaluation. To understand the context of the experience of this transient video art installation in the Big M, we visited the show ourselves and gathered initial feedback from visitors through traditional questionnaires that are still regularly used by arts organisations to evaluate...