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Perceptive Media

Perceptive Media

Exploring different digital technologies to create new approaches to content production.



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CX PhD Student
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Traditional media such as radio and television have adapted to their audiences' increasingly simultaneous use of communications technologies by incorporating them within the program formats. The question remains of how they will adapt to a world of hyper-connectivity within an Internet of Things that includes person-to-person, person-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication. These scenarios present not only challenges to interaction design practices but also in the creation of new approaches to content production. The project considered the new interaction modalities but also demonstrated some of the possibilities program makers might consider in developing new forms of storytelling.

Latest Project Activity

Perceptive Media featured in technology media

9th Mar 2016
The Perceptive Media project has been featured by 'The Next Web'   Martin Bryant writes in 'How the BBC is building the future of TV by blowing it up into little bits':   "The brainchild of BBC R&D’s Ian Forrester, Perceptive Media uses information about individual viewers and the environment they’re in to tweak...

Creating adaptive storytelling content for the future of radio

11th Nov 2015
Mozilla Festival 2015 run between 06.11 and 08.11.2015 and we were invited to run a workshop at the festival. The workshop encouraged the participants to create their own adaptive stories for the Perceptive Radio. A one hour workshop was designed and successfully run by the team. The participants were first introduced to...

So what is Perceptive Media?

5th Oct 2015
Unlike interactive narrative, in which users create or influence a dramatic storyline through their actions, ‘perceptive media’ looks at narrative from a different perspective; it adapts a story to the audience by using information about them, gathered through the use of a range of sensors and sensing technologies, whilst shaping...