CX Project

Participatory Production Technologies

Developing digital tools for user-generated content in professional and non-professional video production workflows.

3 Commercial Partners
Stocksfield, Northumberland
2 Academic Researchers
University of Hull
CX PhD Student

Media production practices are broadening to reflect rapidly-evolving technologies such as video-enabled smartphones and the social web (Facebook, YouTube etc).

This has resulted in phenomena such as ‘user-generated content’, where members of the public produce footage, which is then used in professional productions. An example of this is ‘citizen journalism’, in which newsworthy events are video-captured by members of the public at the event and then submitted to journalists (either directly or via YouTube) - who then use it in their news reports.

Opportunities for other new kinds of production workflows emerge from this model.

This project will examine current procedural and infrastructural shortcomings and the level of provisions in this area in order to identify practical issues faced by public/non-professional ‘user-generated content-producers’.

This process will then inform the design of media production workflows that incorporate the strengths of both non-professional and professional content.

Latest Project Activity

i-Docs 2014

29th Mar 2014
On 20-21st March 2014, the DCRC at Bristol's Watershed and The University of Western England hosted i-Docs, a two-day event dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary. focusing on three themes; 'Production Models', 'Engagement & Evaluation' and 'New Territories'.   So much of what I have learned during the 'Participatory Production...

The Making of an Opera - the making of a documentary.

29th Jul 2013
Co-Opera Co's Madama Butterfly and The Mikado provide material for two uniquely similar documentaries... The Participatory Production Technologies project has comissioned two documentaries behind the scenes of Co-Opera Co's productions of Madama Butterfly and The Mikado, which will run at the Hackney Empire in September (3rd - 7th).   The first documentary is...

Success at EuroITV 2013

3rd Jul 2013
Dave Green has won the award for best PhD project and the Grand Challenge competition at EuroITV 2013. Up against strong competition, Dave won the award for best PhD project at EuroITV 2013 in Como, Italy. The decision process was made by a combination of juried decisions and peer-review.  Dave presented...

Red Squirrel Conservation Film Project

24th Apr 2013
A film competition and community filmmaking project, which will use prototype filmmaking methods developed as part of the CX Participatory Production Technologies project - launched Friday 26th April.   This project comprises two main goals. Firstly, it is part of an ongoing conservation effort to protect the red squirrel. By raising awareness of...