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Numbers that Matter

Numbers that Matter

Numbers that Matter explored wellbeing and people’s understanding of data by co-designing a wearable open-data device.

1 Commercial Partner
5 Academic Researchers
CX PhD Student
University of Dundee
CX PhD Student
Lancaster University
Senior Lecturer in Design Interactions, Imagination Lancaster

Data is too incomprehensible to care about. As such data wrangling has formed an elite. Numbers that Matter's intention was to make individual community participants aware of the data footprint that is constantly generated and to establish what data ('numbers') matter to them.

There is lots of Data ‘about’ individuals not ‘for’ individuals. Numbers that Matter participant workshops allowed the individual to define meaning in data while at the same time increasing awareness around civic or societal issues.

The aim of the project was to develop insights around civic interests that have a bespoke individual and meaningful resonance, with the intention to inform and potential to influence behaviour through the creation and use of a bespoke wearable device.

This was done by making use of the vast store of open data and linking to diverse sources to enrich and distilling this as a simple but meaningful number. The project aimed to make OpenData personal and relevant (serving the individual rather than civic-level participant) and included a hack/make day, with the challenge to embody this meaningful data into a wearable or portable device, making the digital physical.


Manchester Digital Laboratory were involved with the early stages of this project.

Latest Project Activity

PrimeConf: Best of British

29th Jun 2014
Creative Exchange were proud to be exhibiting last week at the inaugural PrimeConf ‘Best of British’ conference, a celebration of the best of British digital technology talent. We supported this event as a sponsor because we felt that the event was very closely aligned with the aims of the Creative Exchange...

Numbers that Matter Hackathon - the movie

18th May 2014
The hackathon was an intense experience and had a very distinct flavour and emphasis, in this film Maria manages to pull all that together - enjoy! Over the weekend of the hackathon, we booked the services of Maria Gabriella Ruban a Manchester based filmmaker who specialises in artist and exhibition video.   Maria...

Numbers that Matter Hackathon - a rapid summary

16th Apr 2014
Phew! We had a great time running and making within the Numbers That Matter Hackathon!   First, a huge thank-you to everyone who came and made for a great weekend, from the team at MSP to Phil the Pizza Guy, the NTM cx team and Maria the documentarian, not to forget Bob...

Research, wearables and data

8th Apr 2014
As opposed to some of our more commercially minded projects, Numbers that Matter was rooted firmly outside the corperate world. Our core partners and associates were founding members of Madlab - Manchesters Community Workshop and the team ethos was more open source rather than patent nazi. Numbers that Matter was born...

Intellectual Property and Hackathons

7th Apr 2014
In recent years Hackathons have gone from being a leading edge playful gathering of like minded people, to the innovation think tank of choice for some large corperations. How do we as academics remain alert to this complex landscape, and avoid the seemingly exploitative traits of corperate Hackathons worst offenders? We...