CX Project

The News Where You Are

Exploring how citizen journalism can play a role in the production of professional news coverage.

1 Commercial Partner
2 Academic Researchers
University of Central Lancashire
CX PhD Student

The intention of this project is to develop new methods of production, discovery and distribution for citizen-generated hyperlocal news content. This is motivated by a gap in the provision of localised news caused by the steady decline of local print newspapers and a desire for the BBC to better present the wide variety of license fee payers around the country in a cost-effective way while maintaining quality. The project will support grassroots citizen journalism by making use of cost-effective digital contribution tools and social search and aggregation tools for discovery of content.

We aim to create a community-driven platform for citizen journalists to establish themselves as reputable and high-quality news sources. The platform will also provide recommendations and search functionality in regards to locating and providing a reputable and high quality hyperlocal news journalists through leveraging the social connections between amateur and professional journalists.

Latest Project Activity

#NewsHack Event - Coffee, Code and Prizes

31st Oct 2013
Newcastle University hackers win best university hack BBC #NewsHack.   PhD Students from Newcastle University's Digital Interaction Group based in Open Lab were invited to attend a BBC News Labs and BBC Conntected Studios partnership hack event. Andrew Garbett, Tom Bartindale, Sebastian Mellor, Jan Kučera who hacked away, along with 150 other hackers,...

Recommendation Practices in Journalism

20th May 2013
Understanding recommendation practices within the BBC in order to identify high quality individuals. The project is now underway starting with a placement within BBC Research and Development Department at Mediacity, Salford to take a close look at recommendation practices within journalism. Through gaining perspectives from both citizen and professional journalists about their recommendation...