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The Near Miss Project

The Near Miss Project

The Near Miss Project studied cycling incidents that don’t result in injuries, but may profoundly influence people’s experiences and behaviours.

2 Commercial Partners
3 Academic Researchers
Goldsmiths, University of London
University of Westminster
CX PhD Student

Cycling is currently a hotly debated political and policy issue, especially in relation to safety. While research has studied serious injuries and deaths, this project targets a more common, yet under-researched phenomenon: the ‘ordinary’ experience of near misses and other non-injury incidents (from incivilities and low-level harassment to SMIDSY: ‘sorry mate, I didn’t see you’).

This project researched, analysed and documented cycling near misses, to contribute to training drivers and transport professionals. It further enabled the cycling public to discuss experiences of near misses and related incidents, the effect that these have had, and their views about preventing such incidents.

Latest Project Activity

First project report now published

24th Sep 2015
Read our first project report here!   Thanks for the great response to the 2014 One Day Diary. Our first paper on its findings is published and there will be more papers and presentations. Creative Exchange and Blaze are supporting the project for a 2nd year, so we have been running a second...

Near Miss Project Launch Event

20th Sep 2015
We held our launch event on 7th September at Westminster University.  After introductions by Chris Boardman and others, and a short presentation and Q&A about the research, a packed room of stakeholders from a range of organisations discussed ways to tackle near misses. This will be written up into a second...

5000 near misses

21st Apr 2015
We asked people across the UK to tell us about their cycling experience on a particular day – the One Day Diary. Over 1500 of you told us about almost 5000 near misses. We want our findings to be used by planners and policy-makers; to inform street design, for example. We‘ll work to engage the public in an...

SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You)

25th Nov 2014
The Near Miss project aims to investigate cyclists tales, from 'Sorry Mate I didn’t see you' to close shaves and rudeness. A single near miss experience can be unpleasant and off-putting to new and experienced cyclists alike. There has been little research in to cyclists experience of close encounters which is...