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Lancaster Arts at the Storey: 21st Century Art Centre

Lancaster Arts at the Storey: 21st Century Art Centre

Exploring what an art centre can be when populated by and co-designed with/between the communities it serves.

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Naomi Jacobs
Knowledge Exchange Associate

The central Lancaster Arts (LA) question ‘What is a 21st Century Art Centre?’ has led to LA programme initiatives that consider both the physical and digital public space


Bringing stakeholders, local arts companies, associate artists and arts sector expertise together with academics and researchers from Lancaster University and the wider HEI sector, a one day symposium event will use design-led approaches to workshop and suggest sustainable pathways to re-invigorate the visual and digital arts ecology in the city.


The event will be held at and have a specific focus on the Storey Institute in Lancaster city centre. A building with a long standing role in the development of visual and digital arts ecologies which until 2012 housed the Storey Gallery and folly (Digital Arts). The event will focus on recommendations for how it might become more useful and forward thinking in this respect as a centre of excellence – as a 21st Century Art Centre. This will lead to recommendations to both Arts Council England and Lancaster City Council with regards the Storey venue and catalysing growth in visual and digital arts ecologies in the region


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