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Hybrid Lives: mapping interactions, people, and places.

Hybrid Lives: mapping interactions, people, and places.

Developing a physical co-working space to capture the way working life is changing for many people as technology enables different and more digitally mediated ways for communication, sharing, and collaboration.

2 Commercial Partners
3 Academic Researchers
Swansea Metropolitan University
CX PhD Student
CX PhD Student

We propose to design a digitallly augmented installation that reveals how the spaces we inhabit, reflect patterns of personal online behaviour and how they relate to physical and virtual environments. The boundaries between life in the home and life in the workplace have become blurred.

As more work is dependent on digital technologies, so the workplace is transforming into a hybrid, mixing the physical with the digital and creating new opportunities for designers, researchers, and artistic practice. Human behaviour at work and at home used to have clear differences dictated by hierarchy, job description, relationships, and the social organisation of time, among other factors. Current working life seems to be in a constant process of adaptation and negotiation between the physical and digital worlds. The modern workplace is more about flexibility than hierarchy.

By designing and making an environment that provokes conscious reflective engagement we hope to elicit an understanding of how digital technologies have brought about a form of working life characterised by hybridisation. This hybridisation of work space and home space demands equivalently hybrid objects and environments to capture its possibilities.




Latest Project Activity

Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life: Exhibition tours to Berlin

24th Mar 2015
The Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life exhibition, hosted by FACT Liverpool in collaboration with the Creative Exchange during 2014 has now toured to Berlin.  Curators Emily Gee and Mike Stubbs have taken the Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life exhibition to Berlin, as part of Transmediale 2015.   Featured works and...

RCA CX Lab: FACT, Liverpool

9th Oct 2012
Re-defining Working Life in The Context of Digital Public Space On Monday 8 October 2012, The RCA (Royal College of Art) in partnership with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), one of the UK’s leading media art centres, held a one-day workshop at FACTs premises in Liverpool. The Workshops focus within...