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This Is How We Do It

This Is How We Do It

Exploring the value of digital technologies to capture and encourage reflection on craft practices

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County Durham
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Edinburgh College of Art
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CX PhD Student

Much of the knowing employing in skilled craft practice is difficult to communicate solely through written or verbal description. When documenting the making of a craft object, video recordings or image representations are often the preferred medium to communicate these processes. With fast developing technological advancements, it is however becoming more viable to record additional facets or nuances of the making process, such as gestures, motion and movements, which may be difficult to record using traditional means.


In this project we aim to explore how we can facilitate learning and reflection on craft practice through a range of digital technologies. We will be working with craft practitioners in the North East of England, to develop an understanding of the kinds of knowledge that is present in their practices and develop a set of tools to encourage reflection and facilitate learning. We focus on two main areas to create digital tools which (a) use sound as a feedback mechanism (sonification) and (b) create physical objects (materialisation) from the practitioners' gestures. In a number of participatory workshops we will explore and develop these technologies and tools with and in response to the practitioners. 

Latest Project Activity

This Is How We Materialise It

17th Sep 2014
Translating hand movements from crochet practitioners into unique material objects In our first workshop with a group of local crochet practitioners we captured initial data from their hand movements via a small accelerometer device attached to the crochet hook. During the subsequent set of workshops we then used the recorded data...