CX Project

Exploring improved ways of visualising blood test results

Exploring improved ways of visualising blood test results

The project’s immediate objective was to explore and test different creative options and prototypes for improving how data is visualized in support of renal patient engagement and understanding of their blood test results.

1 Commercial Partner
Kendal Dialysis Unit and Preston Royal Hospital
4 Academic Researchers
Lancaster Teaching Hospital, Kendal Dialysis Unit
The Creative Exchange, Lancaster University
CX PhD Student
Imagination, Lancaster University

The project objective reflects the propositions that i) the current presentation of data can be improved to the benefit of both renal patients and clinicians; ii) that the current presentation of data  may act as a barrier patient understanding and  knowledge sharing between the patient and clinicians.  Our approach is focused upon identifying new ways to illustrate monthly blood test results empowering Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients and clinicians to work together to recall and understand the impact of different aspects of clinical care and personal behavior on their bodies through time, e.g. diet, exercise, medication. 


Different options for visualizing data were used as the basis for developing ideas and prototypes for improving  the presentation of blood tests.  The prototype helps patients understand the dynamic and intricate processes taking place within their bodies and provides a catalyst for discussion between clinician and patient about their emotional and physical wellbeing. The overall aim is to help both the clinician and patient understand and act upon blood test results to address shared questions and support the long term wellbeing of renal patients.The project has introduced both a new way of working for the renal team combined with demonstrating how designing how data is visualised can add value for both patients and clinicians in a clinical context.



Latest Project Activity

NHS doctors see working prototype

6th Jan 2016
Phase 1 of the project has now reached its conclusion with a working prototype created which was presented to renal clinicians at Preston Royal Hospital on the 4th of January. The presentation and demonstration of the prototype generated a positive response from the audience with useful feedback for our planned Phase...

Project Update: Exploring Improved Ways of Visualising Blood Test Results

23rd Oct 2015
Heather Hill (Renal Dietitian Lancashire Teaching Hospitals) and Jeremy Davenport (CX PhD) presented an overview of the CX project Exploring Improved Ways of Visualising Blood Rest Results and its prototype at the Annual General Meeting of the British Kidney Patients Association (North West region) on the 27th of September.     Following the...