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Community Data Journalism

Community Data Journalism

Investigating the visual storification of data to inform visual stories which are linked to location in real time. 

1 Commercial Partner
2 Academic Researchers
CX PhD Student

We aim to investigate the visual storification of data, by engaging young people, local businesses, and high street brands to engage in contributing binary (yes/no, good/bad) quantitative data as well as narrative (photos, text) qualitative data, to inform visual data stories which are linked to location in real time. Using participatory design, an installation/intervention in the community will serve to engage participants with hyper-local stories and relevant issues, in a two-way exchange with the mobile/online platform – collecting data from participants, and communicating data. We envision sponsored free wifi in a small local community to help generate participation.

Latest Project Activity

Watch: Everybody Needs Somebody: Modelling personal social networks in physical form

12th Mar 2015
Watch a video capturing a case study by John Fass, CX PhD researcher, looking at tangible social network modelling

Social Network modelling at the Royal Institution

28th Jul 2014
At the Royal Institution on June 13 for an event sponsored by the CX program I ran another iteration of the social network modelling project. The main difference this time was that 28 participants contributed to a group model rather than creating individual versions as we had done in Elephant...

PrimeConf: Best of British

29th Jun 2014
Creative Exchange were proud to be exhibiting last week at the inaugural PrimeConf ‘Best of British’ conference, a celebration of the best of British digital technology talent. We supported this event as a sponsor because we felt that the event was very closely aligned with the aims of the Creative Exchange...