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A hardware hacking & DIY filmmaking initiative.

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Cinehack is a hardware hacking resource for filmmakers; the project has a central website ( which features tried-and-tested DIY rigs and products which can be used to obtain high quality video. Cinehack also runs workshops with motivated self-taught video-producers from within communities. The workshops are designed to support self-sufficiency and encourage the establishment of a sustainable video production culture within the community through shared tools and expertise. In doing so, we hope to enable communities to produce high-quality videos without needing to use expensive equipment or rely upon external expertise.



Cinehack [sin•ee•hak]
1.  (v.) A low/no budget, DIY approach to image and sound production that values hardware hacking, openness, collaboration, accessibility and the use of sustainable, local materials to produce affordable tools to support high quality video production.
2.  (n.) A tool developed using this approach. (pl. Cinehacks)

Cinehacking [sin•ee•hak•ing]
(v.) To develop, produce, share, test, review or use a Cinehack.

Cinehacker [sin•ee•hak•uh]
(n.) Anyone who shares the values above. No membership fees.


Let’s make filmmaking open-source!

Let’s support each other to be creative makers.

Let’s share, re-use and repair stuff.

Let’s use local, sustainable materials to build stuff.

Let’s do as much as we can with as little resources as possible.

Let’s not pretend to be revolutionaries - this is already happening!

Latest Project Activity

Cinehack at Whitley Bay Film Festival

1st Aug 2014
Cinehack Presents a Free DIY Filmmaking Workshop at Whitley Bay Film Festival 2014. This workshop will provide all film festival attendees with an opportunity to build some basic filmmaking equipment and use their own cameraphones to shoot a 'dinosaur' movie! The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity to road-test some...

Cinehack at Maker Faire UK

28th Apr 2014
A weekend celebrating 'maker' culture and an opportunity to discuss low-budget filmmaking, hardware hacking and other creative aspects of 'digital public space' with the 'public' at the heart of the term itself. Presenting 'Cinehack' at Maker Faire this weekend provided an amazing opportunity for some great conversations with other 'makers' about...

i-Docs 2014

29th Mar 2014
On 20-21st March 2014, the DCRC at Bristol's Watershed and The University of Western England hosted i-Docs, a two-day event dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary. focusing on three themes; 'Production Models', 'Engagement & Evaluation' and 'New Territories'.   So much of what I have learned during the 'Participatory Production...

Cinehack Fieldwork Report

11th Mar 2014
Participatory Action Research in Cape Town As previously mentioned, in mid-January, I spent four weeks in South Africa with Drs. Gary Pritchard and Guy Schofield conducting a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project involving the production of music videos with musicians from the Cape Town Hip hop community. PAR involves working closely...

Hip-Hop Hacking in the Mother City

20th Jan 2014
Blog for the CX/SiDE Cinehack project now online Hip-Hop Hacking in the Mother City