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Being There

Being There

'Being There' investigates possibilities of digital technologies for exploring alternative narratives of historical events, and specifically of world war one, relevant to the locality of Cheshire East. A collection of explorative co-designs will highlight opportunities that then are turned into an artist brief for a fully commissioned piece.

1 Commercial Partner
Cheshire East
4 Academic Researchers
Lancaster University
Lancaster University
CX PhD Student
University of Central Lancashire

‘Being There’ involves Creative Exchange working with a delivery team from Cheshire East Council and academics working in memorializing history. It explored how digital technologies, with an emphasis on digital/physical interactions, can be used to engage the public with archives and museum artefacts, to (re) represent narratives of heritage and history, and to mediate educational processes.

The aim of the artifact or experience is to generate empathy for war, utilizing alternative narratives that will include personal stories, music, jokes and cultural practices of war time. The objective is to explore how physical/digital experiences can communicate those narratives, what senses are in use, and different ways of interaction and engagement. The research studied representations of heritage and storytelling and how this can be used to create empathy with a historical event.

The explorations speculate upon future re-presentations of past, memory, history and heritage within the Digital Public Space, how we will re-stage historical episodes and how we can experience them in DPS.


Project Partners

Cheshire East Council:  Jocelyn McMillan, Cultural Economy Development Manager and Helen Paton, Cultural Economy Manager
Guests: Andrew Latham, Cheshire East Event Manager and Senior Archivists from Cheshire Archives and Local Studies
Historians: Dr. Corinna Peniston-Bird, specialist on gendered experience of war and commemoration, and Dr. Oliver Wilkinson,  First World War specialist

Latest Project Activity

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Geeks & Artists Round Table

15th Jan 2015
23 January 2015, 10am to 1pm - Geeks & Artists Round Table: Art & Design Speculation and Design Fiction Workshop. Morning event with lunch included. Bad ideas, good ideas, crazy idea all accepted. WE ARE CALLING Designers, Artists, Makers, Hackers, Techies, Historians, Archivists, Cultural Researchers, people with wacky ideas, people with...