Peter Wright

Prof. Peter Wright


Peter Wright is Professor of Social Computing at Newcastle University. He has over twenty years of experience as a human-centred design researcher and over 130 publications in the area of human-computer interaction and experience-centred design. His current projects focus on health-related services and technologies. At Newcastle he is involved with the EPSRC Social Inclusion and the Digital Economy (SiDE) hub. He is PI on the ESRC (NDA) Landscapes of cross-generational engagement project, and Co-lead on the NIHR, User-Centred Healthcare Design project. He is Co-I on the EPSRC SMART 2 project, and until recently he was Co-I on the EPSRC Future Bathroom project. Peter is best known for his work on theory and methods for experience-centred design. In 2004, he co-authored Technology as Experience (MIT Press) with John McCarthy. This sets out a new theoretical foundation for user experience research. In 2010, again with John McCarthy, he co-authored Experience-centred design: Designers, users and communities in dialogue (Morgan Claypool), which describes contemporary methods of experience-centred design.