Nick Taylor

Dr Nick Taylor

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Nick Taylor is a researcher based in Culture Lab at Newcastle University. His research interests involve the use of novel technologies in social contexts, particularly in communities and public spaces. This has led him to explore technologies to support civic engagement in local democracy, public displays supporting community awareness and heritage, as well as methods of engaging communities in design. This research typically involves probe deployments ‘in the wild’, often over extended periods.

Success at EuroITV 2013

3rd Jul 2013
Dave Green has won the award for best PhD project and the Grand Challenge competition at EuroITV 2013. Up against strong competition, Dave won the award for best PhD project at EuroITV 2013 in Como, Italy. The decision process was made by a combination of juried decisions and peer-review.  Dave presented...

Creative Exchange Goes to CHI

7th May 2013
Last week, members of the Creative Exchange team attended CHI 2013, the leading venue for human–computer interaction research, in Paris. CHI is the biggest event on Newcastle's calendar, and for several of the PhD students, this was their first conference after joining us in October. This year's event broke records, with...

Stories, Archives and Living Heritage Lab

17th Mar 2013
On March 16th, we ran Newcastle's second CX Lab, focusing on the way we create and record stories. This lab was intended to explore how digital technologies can allow people to access archives of cultural content, particularly relating to heritage, in new ways, and how we can enable the public to...

Department of Hidden Stories Field Trial

6th Mar 2013
On March 1st, we conducted our first Creative Exchange field trial in Newcastle's West End Library. Over the past six months, the Creative Exchange team has been working with creative writers from the Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts to develop the Department of Hidden Stories, a mobile app designed to engage...

Performance, Liveness and Participation Lab

4th Feb 2013
On February 1st, Newcastle hosted its first Creative Exchange lab, covering the subject of performance, liveness and participation. Many of our partners are interested in how technology is changing the way we consume live and broadcast performances. In many ways, we are no longer passive consumers of content, but active participants....

Defining Creative Exchange Clusters at Newcastle

13th Dec 2012
At Newcastle, our first two Creative Exchange labs will focus on building clusters around Performance, Liveness and Participation and Stories, Archives and Living Heritage. These topics emerged from interviews carried out with each of our partner organisations to determine what areas that were interested in and how these interests might be...