Malé Luján Escalante

Malé Luján Escalante

Digital Public Space, New Materialisms, Philosophy of Technics, Feminist Studies of Science and Technology (FSTS), Research through Design, inventing/ve methods.

I explore cultural implications of digital-physical interactions through participatory and creative methods. I believe in the impact of cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations. I specialize in facilitating creative workshops that foster knowledge exchange in imaginative ways.

I recently completed my PhD in Digital Cultures at LICA. Situated within material ontologies, my thesis turned around a conversation of the digital that was led by media and communicaitons studies to include how digital comes to matter: infrastructures of knowledges, imaginaries, human and non-human catalytic encounters and their material consequences. The outcomes of this research were recently presented at CHI2016 California, Encounter Materialities in Geneva ‘16, University Industry Interaction Amsterdam ‘16, Challenging Histories Cardiff ‘16.

From the realization that techno-social practices construct space-place in the same process that constructs bodies and narratives of self -and others, I am setting off with research that engages with questions of health and care within the digital-physical realm, specifically, I am looking at wearables and IoT mediating body data with attention on ethics and governance implications. Preliminary outcomes of this ongoing research are part of Cross Motion Project at Tallinn University and are informing my post-doc research proposal.

I am currently a teaching assistant on ‘Introduction to Design’ at LICA. I am a guest lecturer on the ‘Design Management’ Masters course at LICA and the ‘Public Service Design’ Masters at University of the Arts London.

Getting In-Place

16th Feb 2015
Brings together people and projects that are exploring Heritage, Place and Local Memory through Digital Tools. Communities, local authorities, artists, technologists, activists and researchers are getting together to work on creative projects to do with their local heritage, stories and memories using digital technologies. Creative Initiatives unique and specific to a place,...

Sea Breeze is changing direction.

28th Jan 2015
We are designing a platform that connects projects working creatively with digital technologies, heritage and place. I understand research processes as living things, beings. As researchers we invest energy and time planning them, time-lining them and delimiting their scope. But working creatively with people, with ideas and with dreams sometimes made...

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Geeks & Artists Round Table

15th Jan 2015
23 January 2015, 10am to 1pm - Geeks & Artists Round Table: Art & Design Speculation and Design Fiction Workshop. Morning event with lunch included. Bad ideas, good ideas, crazy idea all accepted. WE ARE CALLING Designers, Artists, Makers, Hackers, Techies, Historians, Archivists, Cultural Researchers, people with wacky ideas, people with...

The Creative Lounge: Catalysing cross-sector collaborations

10th Jul 2014
Last week, an innovative 'Creative Lounge' event was held at Media City to bring academics and creative companies together to think about the 'Engageable City' The Creative Lounge last Friday 4th of July at the Media City was a complete success!!!   The day workshop fantastically created opportunities to team up with great...

Numbers that Matter Hackathon - the movie

18th May 2014
The hackathon was an intense experience and had a very distinct flavour and emphasis, in this film Maria manages to pull all that together - enjoy! Over the weekend of the hackathon, we booked the services of Maria Gabriella Ruban a Manchester based filmmaker who specialises in artist and exhibition video.   Maria...

Numbers that Matter Hackathon - a rapid summary

16th Apr 2014
Phew! We had a great time running and making within the Numbers That Matter Hackathon!   First, a huge thank-you to everyone who came and made for a great weekend, from the team at MSP to Phil the Pizza Guy, the NTM cx team and Maria the documentarian, not to forget Bob...

Research, wearables and data

8th Apr 2014
As opposed to some of our more commercially minded projects, Numbers that Matter was rooted firmly outside the corperate world. Our core partners and associates were founding members of Madlab - Manchesters Community Workshop and the team ethos was more open source rather than patent nazi. Numbers that Matter was born...

In between appropriation and remediation: My experience facilitating the Europeana- Popcorn webmaker workshop at FutureEverything

11th Apr 2013
The recurrent point of my internal conversations: Appropriation. The one constant in almost all the proposals: Remediation. Is the future of everything the reuse of the present and the retaking of the past in something - sleeker shiny ethereal sterilised hipsterly - digital? The summit last weekend was extremely informative, socially...

Pocket Technologies to explore the Digital Public Space at TechWizZ 2013

19th Mar 2013
On Saturday 9th February, Lara and Malé representing The Creative Exchange ran a workshop at TechWizZ 2013 in Accrington Academy, an event that showcases the use of technology, aimed at students, parents and educators alike, working within he frame of launching a new curriculum.  

Kicking off Themes of Engagement

1st Mar 2013
Last Monday (February 25th) the Themes of Engagement project team finally got together in a very successful ‘kicking off’ meeting. In the handsome and inviting spaces of the base of Creative Concern in the heart of Manchester, we reunited people from Trafford Council, FutureEverything, Snook, the CX and academics from...