John Fass

John Fass

John is a designer, researcher and lecturer. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art as part of the Creative Exchange hub and a visiting lecturer on the new RCA course; Information Experience Design. Recent research has addressed how technology influences perception in the context of self-measurement and personal sleep data and how methods of slow technology could be applied to multi generational information systems.

John has a background as a digital designer and has worked professionally in information architecture, interaction design and user interface design. Previously, John was a photographer working internationally and publishing images in journals and magazines around the world while working on branding, packaging and publishing for many different clients.  He is interested in digital ethnography, how technology influences people and society, and how computational storytelling might draw meaning frm digital data records.

Social Network modelling at the Royal Institution

28th Jul 2014
At the Royal Institution on June 13 for an event sponsored by the CX program I ran another iteration of the social network modelling project. The main difference this time was that 28 participants contributed to a group model rather than creating individual versions as we had done in Elephant...

Hybrid Lives at FACT

2nd Jan 2014
Hybrid Lives launched at FACT last month as part of their Time and Motion Exhibition.  The CX project Hybrid Lives, a public co-working space, opened on December 12 at FACT in Liverpool as part of their major exhibition Time and Motion. The project is the fruit of a year-long collaboration in...

Community Journalism

16th Nov 2013
Modelling social relations in tangible form. Research on the topic of journalism is emerging as a powerful strand in the CX ecosystem with interactive documentary, hyperlocal journlists, and citizen journalism all receiving attention from CX projects.

Hybrid Lives

16th Nov 2013
Production of a co-working space at FACT. Hybrid Lives is now entering production phase as we get closer to the opening of the Time and Motion exhibition at FACT in Liverpool on December 12. The co-working space has developed into the host space for all CX activity in the context of...

Hybrid Lives: mapping interactions, people, and places.

22nd Apr 2013
Recent developments on this project have focused on the physical space necessary to accommodate a minimum of ten people working at a shared desk. We have explored ways of inviting people into the installation, creating a threshold which offers some preview or feed forward of what is taking place within.  Other...

Start Making Sense: Digital Archives and Narrative.

20th Dec 2012
How can we make sense of the mountain of digital records being generated every day? New types of digital material such as the hundreds of millions of tweets (and associated metadata) archived by the Library of Congress are changing the way archives are understood and used. As new data types make...