Jo-Anne Bichard

Jo-Anne Bichard

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Jo-Anne Bichard is the Royal College of Art's Knowledge Assosciate on the Creative Exchange Hub and a Senior Research Fellow at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. Her research focus is based in design anthropology and focuses on multi and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Jo-Anne has a BSc (Hons) in Social Anthropology, and MSc in Science Communication and is currently completing a PhD in ethnoarchitecture. She has conducted a number of ethnographic studies of working environments and public spaces including; medical research labs, corporate offices and public sanitation environments. Her experience of working with users in physical public space has shifted to Digital Public Space through her work with Gail Knight in the development of The Great British Public Toilet Map 

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RCA CX Lab Modelling the Digital Public Space

21st Feb 2013
Modelling the digital public space by Kevin Walker Giant insects were projected onto the wall, along with a diagram of a rabid raccoon biting a dog, showing how infection spreads to the brain. Tabletops were covered with maps, drawings, schematics. Hanging sculptures and plasticine forms represented network structures. An entire room was...

RCA CX Lab: FACT, Liverpool

9th Oct 2012
Re-defining Working Life in The Context of Digital Public Space On Monday 8 October 2012, The RCA (Royal College of Art) in partnership with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), one of the UK’s leading media art centres, held a one-day workshop at FACTs premises in Liverpool. The Workshops focus within...