Jeremy Davenport

Jeremy Davenport

My research interests are focused upon inter disciplinary and cross sector collaboration across professional cultures and boundaries.  Specifically, exploring the impact of emergent digital technologies on the creative economy in the design and delivery of product, service and experience.

A central aspect of my research is to explore the opportunities and challenges for developing new and meaningful knowledge exchange policies and tools for curating, catalyzing and sustaining collaborations between creative practitioners, academic and corporate research, businesses and public organizations.

My professional career has encompassed roles in the public and private sectors, initially as an economist, programme manager and senior consultant (working internationally) prior to my latest role focused upon developing knowledge exchange policies and tools in support of the creative economy at both a University and national level.

Beyond the PhD and Creative Exchange, my interests include photography, archaeology and hill walking.

Project Update: Exploring Improved Ways of Visualising Blood Test Results

23rd Oct 2015
Heather Hill (Renal Dietitian Lancashire Teaching Hospitals) and Jeremy Davenport (CX PhD) presented an overview of the CX project Exploring Improved Ways of Visualising Blood Rest Results and its prototype at the Annual General Meeting of the British Kidney Patients Association (North West region) on the 27th of September.     Following the...

“The totality of the conditions given by perception, all that is perceived, understood and remembered [1].”

21st Feb 2013
My starting point in exploring the digital public space has been from a perspective of personal experience, specifically a simple definition of the word itself.  The framework of human experience provides a useful way of mapping opportunities that are emerging around the application of digital technologies to connect, understand and interpret...

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in the Digital Public Space

1st Feb 2013
As I begin my exploration of knowledge exchange at the Creative Exchange at Lancaster, a central dimension of my journey is the nature of collaboration itself in our digital age, specifically as a driver to innovation (product, service and experience). In particular, reflecting on the different assumptions we make about...