Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood

Gavin is a game designer and researcher in digital play. He is a PhD candidate at Newcastle University, part of the Creative Exchange hub.


He started working in research three years ago and began to apply his own gaming platform in order to explore how digital technologies can be used to create new play opportunities. This began with the design and evaluation of an Interactive Tabletop to support therapeutic play with children.


Gavin has a background in the computer games industry where he worked for several large studios holding positions as games designer, graphics programmer, physics programmer and technical lead.


He is an active indie games developer releasing games under the name BaaWolf. Gavin finds inspiration from the indie game scene and regularly attends industry and academic Game Jams. Games such as Thatgamecompany’s Flower, and Osmos from Hemisphere Games continue to inspire his interest in game dev.



Swaythe Band at Create 4 Dementia

2nd Jun 2015
"The Confabulators” win Best Project at the Create 4 Dementia hackathon at the Great North Museum, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This exciting event brought together designers, coders, hackers, makers and researchers to share knowledge, experience, and create new digital designs for dementia. We formed our design team “The Confabulators” with Kellie Morrissey a researcher from University...

Wild Man Game Bridges the Digital to Seoul

16th Mar 2015
The Wild Man Game has just been presented at a Serious Games' symposium and at the British Embassy in Seoul, Korea. I am just back from a speedy tour of Seoul where the Wild Man Game formed my part of two talks on Serious Games. The talks were part of a special...

Imaginary Skip Rope

26th Jan 2015
Creating Digital Play at the Global Game Jam (GGJ15) with the Lincoln Games Research Group. We have just participated in Global Game Jam 15. We decided to create an Imaginary Skip Rope game. We think this is interesting because unlike traditional Skip Rope our game is a little more forgiving - there...

i-dentity - Digital Party Play

26th Jan 2015
i-dentity is a digital party game that encourages players to look at each other's movement. i-dentity was created in the Games Jam at CHI 2013 in collaboration with Jayden Garner and Exertion Labs. Read about the event here. i-dentity is a multi-player movement-based game involving 2 or more players that is perfect...

Playful design

20th Dec 2012
Because play is important work! The sociologist Johan Huizinga argues that play is the basis for all ritual, myth, art and wisdom, and as our working lives become entwined with our social lives the boundary between work and play is increasingly blurred. The public digital space offers unique opportunities for research...