David Green

David Green

I began my career as a graphic designer before training as a filmmaker, specialising in editing, visual effects and compositing. From 2004, I worked as an editor on a variety of scientific programmes, particularly medical documentaries. In 2006, whilst completing a MA in Film Studies at Newcastle University (on influences and authorship in the context of documentary filmmaking), I joined Newcastle University's Open Lab (then, Culture Lab) as a research technician. In this role, I was able to expand my skills to incorporate expertise in motion-capture, biomechanics, programming, digital fabrication and lo/no-budget filmmaking. Since joining Open Lab, I have published, exhibited and spoken at conferences and public workshops and worked with creative industries, academics and public arts organisations on numerous funded (and unfunded) projects. As a Creative Exchange PhD student, I am interested in exploring how technology can be used to empower citizens and communities (particularly those with non-technical backgrounds) to participate in documentary film production processes. I have a particular interest in wildlife photography, conservation and the environment; I also keep bees and have developed a digital monitoring and alert system which can predict swarming.



Interactive documentary 'Red Tales' launched

14th Jun 2015
Unique, interactive documentary explores the secret life of our Red Squirrel through the eyes of the British public. Led by researchers at Newcastle University’s Open Lab in partnership with Red Squirrels Northern England and conservation charity Wildscreen, Red Tales is the first interactive documentary of its kind, bringing together red squirrel...

Swaythe Band at Create 4 Dementia

2nd Jun 2015
"The Confabulators” win Best Project at the Create 4 Dementia hackathon at the Great North Museum, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This exciting event brought together designers, coders, hackers, makers and researchers to share knowledge, experience, and create new digital designs for dementia. We formed our design team “The Confabulators” with Kellie Morrissey a researcher from University...

Red Squirrel iDoc Update

9th Sep 2014
On August 16th & 17th 2014, we conducted two participatory workshops in Northumberland (at Woodhorn Museum) and Cumbria (at Tullie House) to explore the key issues in red squirrel conservation and explore how these might be represented in the form of an iDoc (interactive documentary). The workshop was attended by members...

Cinehack at Whitley Bay Film Festival

1st Aug 2014
Cinehack Presents a Free DIY Filmmaking Workshop at Whitley Bay Film Festival 2014. This workshop will provide all film festival attendees with an opportunity to build some basic filmmaking equipment and use their own cameraphones to shoot a 'dinosaur' movie! The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity to road-test some...

Digital Public What?

23rd Jul 2014
What is "Digital Public Space"? An Experimental Documentary by David Green, Jimmy Tidey & Clara Crivellaro.

Cinehack at Maker Faire UK

28th Apr 2014
A weekend celebrating 'maker' culture and an opportunity to discuss low-budget filmmaking, hardware hacking and other creative aspects of 'digital public space' with the 'public' at the heart of the term itself. Presenting 'Cinehack' at Maker Faire this weekend provided an amazing opportunity for some great conversations with other 'makers' about...

i-Docs 2014

29th Mar 2014
On 20-21st March 2014, the DCRC at Bristol's Watershed and The University of Western England hosted i-Docs, a two-day event dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary. focusing on three themes; 'Production Models', 'Engagement & Evaluation' and 'New Territories'.   So much of what I have learned during the 'Participatory Production...

Cinehack Fieldwork Report

11th Mar 2014
Participatory Action Research in Cape Town As previously mentioned, in mid-January, I spent four weeks in South Africa with Drs. Gary Pritchard and Guy Schofield conducting a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project involving the production of music videos with musicians from the Cape Town Hip hop community. PAR involves working closely...

Hip-Hop Hacking in the Mother City

20th Jan 2014
Blog for the CX/SiDE Cinehack project now online Hip-Hop Hacking in the Mother City http://cinehackcapetown.wordpress.com/

Cinehack: Cape Town

8th Jan 2014
In January 2014, CX teams up with researchers on the SiDE project to travel to South Africa to run msuci video production workshops with hip hop artists in Cape Town.  This project builds upon ethnographic work by Pritchard (2011) and a pilot study conducted with South African MC X the 24th...

Cinehack: The Netherlands

22nd Dec 2013
As part of the wider Cinehack project, we recently co-produced a hip-hop video with X the 24th (a.k.a. Mingus), an African MC based in The Netherlands, in preparation for CX/Cinehack workshops in Cape Town in January. In collaboration with researchers from the SiDE project, this project was a pilot study for...

The Making of an Opera - the making of a documentary.

29th Jul 2013
Co-Opera Co's Madama Butterfly and The Mikado provide material for two uniquely similar documentaries... The Participatory Production Technologies project has comissioned two documentaries behind the scenes of Co-Opera Co's productions of Madama Butterfly and The Mikado, which will run at the Hackney Empire in September (3rd - 7th).   The first documentary is...

Red Squirrel Conservation Film Project

24th Apr 2013
A film competition and community filmmaking project, which will use prototype filmmaking methods developed as part of the CX Participatory Production Technologies project - launched Friday 26th April. http://www.redsquirrelfilms.wordpress.com   This project comprises two main goals. Firstly, it is part of an ongoing conservation effort to protect the red squirrel. By raising awareness of...

Citizen-Generated Documentaries: Narrative Film Production and the Digital Public Space

29th Jan 2013
Drawing upon my experiences as a filmmaker, technician and researcher, I intend to consider the notion of film narratives; I am interested in exploring how technology can be used to empower untrained but knowledgeable citizens, groups and communities to participate in documentary film production processes. Audiovisual content produced by non-professionals is...