Dan Burnett

Dan Burnett

Dan started out his academic studies in Physics at Lancaster University, which in turn led to a Masters in Social Network Technologies With The School of Computing and Communications also at Lancaster. Since then he has been working as a Self-Employed app developer and has been involved in several applications from games to utilities that are now available on the Apple App Store. In 2011 He returned to Lancaster to take a position in the School of Computing and Communications where he was involved in research pertaining to making the digital physical along with work looking at user generated content and Augmented Reality Games. He was also deeply involved with the creation of CheckinDJ a collaborative Jukebox influenced by the number of participants in a certain space, altering the music selection to favour the majority in the room. This project was initially born on a Arduino board combined with a laptop to play the music, since this initial system it has moved to a raspberryPi and development is still in progress to make a standalone box that can be a drop in jukebox whenever needed. A version of this project was also created at HackManchester 2012 where the project won one of the awards for inventive uses of the api's made available.

Cold Sun Enters BETA

24th Mar 2015
We have been working on a game called COLD SUN for some time now and we are seeking people to play the game over the course of a week. After  playing the game for a week we an interview either in person or over the phone will be conducted and used...

Designing data driven persuasive games to address wicked problems such as climate change

Published 2013, written by Paul Coulton, Dan Burnett, Adrian Gradinar

Cold Sun Game Design Meeting

15th Oct 2013
Previous meetings have brought us this far, now we just have to bring it all together. As the end of the first planned stage of the project came near, the group met up once more to discuss the research that had been performed and where each of us feel we should...

The Creative Exchange Goes to a Moot

23rd Jan 2013
During November we were lucky enough to be accepted to the Digital Transformations Moot held in London. During November we were lucky enough to be accepted to the Digital Transformations Moot held in London. At the event was a large collection of all manner of inventions and innovations that people have...