Bettina Nissen

Bettina Nissen

Bettina Nissen has established herself as a product designer in the Northeast’s creative community as well as the international design scene. She is now also an AHRC-funded PhD student on The Creative Exchange at Open Lab.

In her creative practice, Bettina designs objects that are not only functional but also engage the user. By reframing daily activities in a new context and creating ritual interactions with the object, each design tells a story and encourages an emotional response.

Bettina’s research interest is in exploring new ways of designing products through data visualisation, generative processes, digital modelling and 3D printing. Through developments in 3D technologies and digital fabrication, mass production is shifting toward mass customisation, opening up a new field for explorations into personalised storytelling. With the object’s potential for meanings beyond a graphic representation, Bettina is interested in developing methods for transforming abstract concepts and information into tangible, tactile and accessible products that can educate and empower users.

Fabricating FACTs

26th Jan 2015
Exploring digital fabrication and prototyping in audience engagement to examine the relationship between objects and stories. This audience engagement activity was developed by researcher Bettina Nissen and curator Gabriella Arrigoni in collaboration with FACT Liverpool as part of the exhibition 'Under Black Carpets' by artist Ilona Gaynor. We designed a set of...

This Is How We Materialise It

17th Sep 2014
Translating hand movements from crochet practitioners into unique material objects In our first workshop with a group of local crochet practitioners we captured initial data from their hand movements via a small accelerometer device attached to the crochet hook. During the subsequent set of workshops we then used the recorded data...

Tweet Translations at Thinking Digital 2014

29th May 2014
Generating unique, wearable shapes from conference attendee's twitter conversations. Thinking Digital is an annual conference focusing on future digital technologies and how they may shape our lives. Attendees at this conference form a small but involved community which every year engages with one another and the organisers in a personal and...

Making Souvenirs at Maker Faire UK

28th Apr 2014
Using experiential souvenir making to engage audiences and elicit feedback. After the development of the experiential souvenir making activities with ISIS Arts as part of the On The Precipice project, we showcased an adapted version at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle upon Tyne. With this we encouraged visitors at Maker Faire...

Experiential souvenir making

11th Dec 2013
Using digital fabrication to engage audiences in reflection and evaluation. To understand the context of the experience of this transient video art installation in the Big M, we visited the show ourselves and gathered initial feedback from visitors through traditional questionnaires that are still regularly used by arts organisations to evaluate...

Form Follows Experience

9th Jan 2013
This project aims to develop an experiential approach to designing meaningful artefacts through 3D technology for technological empowerment and education. By augmenting and customising objects, the DIY community has shown how individual expression can create a stronger personal attachment to a material object than a purely digitally fabricated one. Meanwhile, online...