Snook are an award winning and highly regarded Service Design and Social Innovation Agency based in Glasgow. We have been applying Service Design methods to work with Public Sector Organisations for the last three years, working with national government, local councils, the police, health, social and education services. We believe that design provides organisations with a practical way of ‘doing’ innovation. When implemented alongside new vision and strategic leadership development, this enables services changes to become embedded in an organisation and create sustainable systems change. To facilitate this, Snook work at different parts of the system to generate the deepest and most wide ranging impact possible.

Snook work on the premise that current and future health, social, environmental and economic challenges demand collaboration, innovation and creativity. We know from experience that the transformation of services and communities can’t and won’t happen without the engagement, participation and shift in outlook of the people that inhabit, serve within and use them. Snook work directly with people, organisations and communities to co-design and co-create services, embracing their hopes & aspirations, capabilities and skills.

Snook recently won the Design Council Working Well challenge and are currently designing a service that helps provide opportunities for young people to develop the right skills to get jobs – jobs that matter to them