Red Ninja


Red Ninja Studios is a creative technologies company that has earned a reputation for its innovative use of technology. The company has vast experience of developing on multiple mobile platforms and are always looking into new and emerging technologies.

The team has numerous prototypes and demonstrations up and running that have earned coverage within the mainstream press and although it’s a young company, it is made up of extremely experienced individuals with complimenting business backgrounds. This allows the company to push the boundaries of technology on every project but also maintain strong values in user testing and also a commitment to work closely with our clients, creating exciting development partnerships.

Development Director Chris worked at Sony Europe for 15 years developing playstation games.  Lee is also the founder and CEO of Connected Liverpool who's vision is to enable Liverpool to become the first Smart City in theUK creating ongoing monitoring of resource deployment, insightful visualisations and constant feedback loops to develop a highly efficient,
interactive and engaging city stimulating behavioural change. This will develop a low carbon, competitive and therefore sustainable Liverpool City Region utilising contemporary technology and design.