Raisin & Willow


Raisin & Willow is the creative collaboration of composer, writer and director Jonathan Raisin, and artist, writer and performer Elizabeth Willow. We are based in Liverpool, and began working together in 2009.

Our first project together, Making Time, involved creating a garden, a year-long performance during which ground was dug and seeds planted. As our practice evolves, it is becoming more and more concerned with place and people’s relationship with place. At the moment we are working on Sea Breeze, exploring a Victorian theatre beside the sea.

An important part of our work is the research: being somewhere, following paths, making maps, getting lost and finding things. We spend a lot of time in libraries and museums, walking in side streets, talking to people, focussing on detail, seeking out stories and forgotten memories; attempting to find the elusive, defining character of a place or setting.

From this, we make work that explores ways of telling a story, of being ‘site-specific’ and still universal, encompassing the epic and the intimate. Increasingly this work uses writing as a starting point, creating texts from which we might make artists’ books, installations or performance.