magneticNorth (mN) is an independent digital design company based in Manchester, UK. Established in 2000, they have amassed an award winning portfolio of projects for clients including the BBC, Google, the Imperial War Museum Group and the City of Manchester.

mN has a multi-disciplined team of designers, developers and producers who work collaboratively with clients to deliver new thinking, prototype new concepts, pilot new ideas and create fully finished products and content experiences.

For fifteen years mN has brought to life crafted pieces of digital design that have changed people’s perceptions of a ‘place’ by providing destinations with new ways to engage their audience. From interactive digital wayfinding applications installed in physical environments to rich web experiences that integrate online mapping interfaces, mN are experienced in creating seamless digital cartographical experiences.

In 2014, in partnership with Manchester City Council and NOMA, mN created the official Manchester Walking Tours mobile app – a digital audio guide to the City’s landmarks, hidden gems and defining moments. Using GPS technology to automatically trigger content as you follow a route, the app delivers a unique ‘heads-up’ wayfinding experience. Supplemented with an on-screen map displaying your location and the full tour route, Manchester Walking Tours provides a new way to experience the City and discover its untold stories.

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