Rethinking Working Life

What opportunities does Digital Public Space afford for new working practices? 

This cluster will explore how the digital public space might support a rethink of the temporal, physical and social boundaries of working life. As organisations shift practice beyond 9 to 5 to 24/7 digital collaboration, what are the emerging design implications for both workplaces and workforces, and what are the changing patterns of social behaviour within a new paradigm for work? The cluster will connect leading edge thinking with creative practitioners to help shape the next-generation workplace and catalyse new business opportunities.

This cluster topic is being led by The Royal College of Art.

Projects within this Cluster

Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life

Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life
Time & Motion used artworks, research projects, archival materials and interventions to track our journey through the world of work, from clocking on at the factory gates to checking in online from our home office. 


Exploring imbedded rhythms, that also effects the rhythms of ‘everyday life’.

Hybrid Lives: mapping interactions, people, and places.

Hybrid Lives: mapping interactions, people, and places.
Developing a physical co-working space to capture the way working life is changing for many people as technology enables different and more digitally mediated ways for communication, sharing, and collaboration.

Where do you go to?

Where do you go to?
Making an invisible group visible

Latest Cluster Activity

Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life: Exhibition tours to Berlin

24th Mar 2015
The Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life exhibition, hosted by FACT Liverpool in collaboration with the Creative Exchange during 2014 has now toured to Berlin.  Curators Emily Gee and Mike Stubbs have taken the Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life exhibition to Berlin, as part of Transmediale 2015.   Featured works and...

Workshop: Graph Commons

21st Feb 2014
I have collaborated with artist Burak Arikan to run a workshop as part of the Time & Motion exhibition at FACT in Liverpool about personal network mapping and making. This one day workshop focuses on the design and understanding of the complex networks of work and personal identity through mapping and...

How far does the workspace headspace reach?

6th Feb 2014
We built a collaborative map with the visitors to the FACT gallery, pinpointing where they were digitally connecting around Liverpool, the UK and the world. For our workshop I developed a method of collaboratively discussing and mapping digital networks and connections using pushpins and colour coded connections. The backdrop to our...

Decode FACT: a workshop in the Co-Working Space

1st Feb 2014
An introduction to our Decode FACT workshop for the Time & Motion Exhibition at FACT, Liverpool. At one end of the 'Hybrid Lives' Co-Working space in the foyer of FACT is a tall, thin wall. Pinned to the wall are photos of desks and other spaces of work. If you look...

Elf Protest: Workshop – the future of work, micro-unions, and how to create voices for hidden work

14th Dec 2013
This workshop for children and adults as part of the Time & Motion exhibition at FACT gallery in Liverpool explores the hidden labour invested in making christmas happen (from toys, to postage, to cleaners). In depth conversations about working rights in Foxconn with eight year olds, while colouring protest banners for...