Vibrant Freelance Creative Communities

We are seeking freelance creative contributors to BBCNorth mediacity to participate in a 2-week design experiment.

Our 'Where do you go to?' project is looking at how BBCNorth collaborators might use 'digital sharing of physical workspaces' to support and enrich their creative networks in new ways. Our starting point for the design process will be asking you to take photos of your workspaces: desks, studios, kitchen tables, train seatback trays, airport lounges, gardens, basically wherever you find yourself working.

We are interested in the arrangement and use of working spaces as a subtle representation of workstate and self identity – something which would be difficult to conceptualise and formally enter in to a survey and would be hard to distinguish from the 'low-bandwidth' counterparts in digital social spaces at present. We aim to capture the subtlety of the physical workplace, and explore tools to present visual summaries of these workspaces to distant collaborators, without losing the richness of their meaning, or the privacy of each working environment.

If you are interested in joining us for a design consultation day (early April), and then using our prototypes (two weeks in May) then get in touch: