Tuning into T. Dan Smith links research with Newcastle University's Architecture MA students

Academic partner on the project, Martyn Dade-Robertson linked our current research on the Tuning into T. Dan Smith project, with the interaction design module for architecture masters students, whereby learning from the interactive walking tour work and the students’ project work can inform each other.

Students were asked to produce a design fiction in response to two scenarios (city activist or city archivist), and asked to combine their chosen narrative of content (T. Dan Smith archive) and the narrative of the infrastructure (e.g. wireless infrastructure, hertzian space, etc.) into a final interaction design proposal (whether an interactive object, situated device or infrastructure) that allows innovative and place-specific reading and writing of content.

To this end the students participated on an interaction of the T Dan Smith walk prototype first developed in January and CX researcher Crivellaro will review students’ research projects with project partners till the end of the module in May 2014.