Thinking about personal data at the AHRC Moot

20th Nov 2012

I developed an interactive demonstration for the AHRC Moot exploring themes of personal agency over personal data.

"We are making edible cookies from digital cookies. Have you noticed websites asking more about cookies recently? What information can browser fingerprint characteristics like these give away about online activity? What big data archives are being fed as people use the web? Bring your laptop or phone along for a browser check-up."

Technical details: I used browser fingerprinting javascript code to generate a unique supercookie that can be used to track viewing patterns across web sites. I then generated a spiral pattern 'hash' from the cookie ID, and 'hand printed' this on to edible cookies.

Here is an overview of the event:

"The digital and the online have quite simply changed how arts and humanities practitioners work, and the AHRC is committed to supporting that change. … This Moot sits at the pivot between these two programmes of activity, defining a space where the wild and wonderful developments supported through the Research Development Awards can be showcased, and where new conversations can take place. It will be a success if participants come away, not just better informed, but better able to cross and re-cross that awkward boundary between the technical and the humanist; the humanist and the technical." – Professor Tim Hitchcock, Chair, Digital Transformations Advisory Group

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