Success at EuroITV 2013

Dave Green has won the award for best PhD project and the Grand Challenge competition at EuroITV 2013.

Up against strong competition, Dave won the award for best PhD project at EuroITV 2013 in Como, Italy. The decision process was made by a combination of juried decisions and peer-review.  Dave presented his research around participatory documentary production, including the Creative Exchange Participatory Production Technologies project.

Secondly, Dave was joint first prize winner for the Grand Challenge with his ‘Plenopticon’ system developed with fellow CX student Tom Smith, Steve Dales (B&D Studios) and Gary Cordingley (Storycafe).  ‘Plenopticon’ is a system for video playback with dynamically adaptive depth of field, a technique allowing viewer control of the on-screen area of focus (whilst blurring other areas) via a secondary input device such as a touchscreen or eyetracking device.  Plenoptic cameras allow still photographs to be re-focused once an image has been taken. The new system is used to showcase the potential of plenoptic video and provide insights into how storytelling techniques and novel interactive narrative experiences might be configured using this emerging technology.

Dave is hoping that the new system is something he can pursue and develop further, with a view to publishing about it in the interactive TV context (TVX 2014) and at the DIS and CHI conferences.