Sound Spaces Exhibition reveals Liverpool's hidden spaces

18th Oct 2015

Exhibition at FACT Liverpool (19 - 23 October) uses unique photography and sound techniques to transport visitors to new realms - and in new ways.

Sound Spaces transports visitors to some iconic and unusual Liverpool locations - without them moving a muscle. Release inhibitions - shout in the library, curse in a church, step into forbidden territory.

Our artists will use sonic, visual and other methods to twist surroundings and perceptions.

Researchers from the Creative Exchange have teamed up with Kinicho, developers of the Icosahedron Sound System, and FACT Liverpool to create this exhibition. 

This builds on earlier Sound Lines and Sound Spaces workshops where participants worked with the project collaborators to record material at diverse locations across Liverpool using acoustic mapping, a variety of sound recording techniques, and spherical photography, and produce an initial set of artistic responses to it. These responses have been developed further by our researchers and artists in collaboration, and can be experienced at the exhibition through three intriguing presentation systems.

They include a performance by legendary composer Philip Jeck using material created during the project, and related work from artists Imogen Stidworthy and Lauren Moffat.

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