Sea Breeze is changing direction.

28th Jan 2015

We are designing a platform that connects projects working creatively with digital technologies, heritage and place.

I understand research processes as living things, beings. As researchers we invest energy and time planning them, time-lining them and delimiting their scope. But working creatively with people, with ideas and with dreams sometimes made this living entity - that is the research project - grow, change and transform. We researchers, nurturers of these leaving things, cannot but take on opportunities. Sea Breeze is changing its direction and that is just very exciting.

Sea Breeze commenced as a collaboration of The Creative Exchange with a site-specific spectacle at Winter Garden in Morecambe, in partnership with Imitating the Dog, Raising and Willow and Live at LICA. The collaboration was intended to co-found and document the research part of the project.

Locating the research in context, we have found many similar projects along and around the UK. Many interventions in iconic buildings like Winter Gardens. Suddenly make not sense to look at Sea Breeze in isolation.

We are proposing to create a way to connect it with other projects of its kind, to create a community for it, as an eminent more exciting and innovative opportunity. We are changing the direction of the research, we are working in the design of a website, a platform that brings together a wide array of projects similar to Sea Breeze, working with communities in Heritage, Memory and Place, using digital technologies.

The platform aims to create an online directory of creative projects (and project partners) to do with Heritage, Memory and Place, with an emphasis on community lead or community based processes and the use of digital technologies (either in the process or outcome). The objectives of the directory are:

  • Diffusion of projects, focusing on the process.
  • Providing an accessible summary of creative projects related to heritage, memory and place; local communities and digital technologies.
  • Helping people to meet potential collaborators.
  • Helping people to learn from other experiences.

Finding different applications of digital technologies

Target Audience

  • Any collective or individual that is interested in doing a creative project related with their heritage but do not know how. (i.e. trusts, neighborhood groups, volunteers.)
  • Any collective or individual that has participated in a creative project related to heritage and is using some kind of digital tools. (i.e. Sea Breeze)
  • Any collective or individual looking to learn or engage in a creative project related to heritage and using some kind of digital tools.
  • Funding bodies.

Given limitations of time and funding, we are aiming to develop a proof of concept that serves to attract more funding, that allows the SB Networking Platform to be developed further in a second phase, with additional features, curatorial team and marketing plan.
The Sea Breeze journey has brought us a lot of experiences from which to learn, and we are excited to invest ourselves in this new direction. We are looking forward to update you with more news when we see how the project, this living entity that we are incubating, develops and materialises.