Red Squirrel iDoc Update

On August 16th & 17th 2014, we conducted two participatory workshops in Northumberland (at Woodhorn Museum) and Cumbria (at Tullie House) to explore the key issues in red squirrel conservation and explore how these might be represented in the form of an iDoc (interactive documentary).

The workshop was attended by members of the red squirrel conservation community from across the North of England; from Ainsdale, in Merseyside in the North West to Berwick-upon-Tweed in the North East.

At the workshops, three activities were used to stimulate conversations about the key issues relating to red squirrel conservation that would help design the documentary (in terms of both its content and its form). The activities were based around Sandra Gaudenzi's "Strategies of Participation: The Who, What and When of Participation" and included summaries of items brought along to the workshop and a 'network mapping' exercise designed by fellow CX'er, John Fass from the RCA. The final exercise sought to identify the 'key issues' that would be covered in the film.

The next stage will be to produce a working prototype of the 'iDoc', which we will send out to the participants to obtain feedback before re-iterating its design.