Red Squirrel Conservation Film Project

A film competition and community filmmaking project, which will use prototype filmmaking methods developed as part of the CX Participatory Production Technologies project - launched Friday 26th April.


This project comprises two main goals.

Firstly, it is part of an ongoing conservation effort to protect the red squirrel. By raising awareness of the issues facing the species in the UK, this project will hopefully provide a platform for discussion, as well as action, which will help to protect red squirrels in the UK.

In addition to this, all submissions to the competition will have the opportunity to feature in a community-generated film about red squirrel conservation, which will highlight issues raised by the community of red squirrel conservationists in Northern England. This film will be co-produced by volunteer competition entrants, with support from the project organisers.


Secondly, this project has been developed to address the question of how it might be possible to produce films (such as conservation films) from the ‘ground-up’ (eg by communities of conservationists), as opposed to the ‘top-down’ (i.e. by film production companies)… In order to try and understand how this might work, this project will recruit volunteers from the competition entrants to co-produce the film and/or be interviewed for the ‘Participatory Production Technologies’ research project, which aims to design and build tools for people who want to collaborate to make films, but who are not professional filmmakers and do not have the technical skills to do so using normal methods.