Project Update: Exploring Improved Ways of Visualising Blood Test Results

Heather Hill (Renal Dietitian Lancashire Teaching Hospitals) and Jeremy Davenport (CX PhD) presented an overview of the CX project Exploring Improved Ways of Visualising Blood Rest Results and its prototype at the Annual General Meeting of the British Kidney Patients Association (North West region) on the 27th of September.



Following the presentation, a discussion was held with the audience, composted of mainly renal patients,  who provided very positive feedback on the prototype with useful suggestions about how additional information can be added.


The team are finalising the the phase 1 prototype and have taken into account initial feedback from patients and clinicians. Our next step is  to promote and present the project more widely. A planned  Phase 2 is under design which will focus upon testing the visualisation tools with a wider group of clinicians and patients in a clinical context.