Performance, Liveness and Participation Lab

On February 1st, Newcastle hosted its first Creative Exchange lab, covering the subject of performance, liveness and participation.

Many of our partners are interested in how technology is changing the way we consume live and broadcast performances. In many ways, we are no longer passive consumers of content, but active participants. Events and broadcasts are accompanied by Twitter streams and attendees create and distribute their own recordings.

Based on discussions we partners over the first year of the project, we constructed the lab around four concepts:

  • Hyperlocal Media and Second Screens would explore how new trends like citizen journalism and second screens might create more localised broadcasts. 
  • Situated Experiences of Content looked at ways of consuming content that are tied to particular locations.

Capturing the Experience of Participation would involve methods of capturing during a live event and feeding it back in meaningful ways.

  • Participatory & DIY Production would investigate how inexperienced members of the public can take on new roles in the creation of performances and content.
  • Attendees included the BBC, BALTIC and Isis Arts and academics from Newcastle University, University of Edinburgh, UCLAN and Sheffield Hallam University.

    After groups were formed around our themes, a spirited afternoon of brainstorming led to a number of draft project proposals beginning to come together. We also learned a lot about the process of running a lab that we'll be feeding into our second lab in March.

    We're just beginning the process of working through the proposal materials and are looking forward to getting started on our first full projects.