The Making of an Opera - the making of a documentary.

Co-Opera Co's Madama Butterfly and The Mikado provide material for two uniquely similar documentaries...

The Participatory Production Technologies project has comissioned two documentaries behind the scenes of Co-Opera Co's productions of Madama Butterfly and The Mikado, which will run at the Hackney Empire in September (3rd - 7th).


The first documentary is being produced by the opera cast and crew themselves, using their smartphones, with the video materials being uploaded to an online repository from which the documentary will be edited using collaborative video editing software.



The second documentary has been comissioned in collaboration with the BBC to Red Havoc Media, who will produce a professional 'insert-style' documentary about the same topic.


The two documentaries here will provide the background to a series of workshops with participants from both the opera and the professional crew to explore the production methods used and the different values brought to the project by the two teams.