Include Asia 2013

Claire McAndrew joined a vibrant community of researchers considering the topic of Global Challenges and Local Solutions in Inclusive Design in Hong Kong to present a paper on our workshop findings and design approach.


In 1995 Frances Cairncross’ The Death of Distance declared a compelling vision, that over time the communications revolution would release us from geographic locales. Digital public space has redefined working life - untethering workers from their desks and workplaces it has enabled the opportunity to work anywhere, anytime. Yet, digital public space (which we define as digital tools of connectivity for everyone, anywhere) simultaneously lacks geographic substance. It is both nowhere and everywhere. Where do you go to…? responds to a growing need for design solutions that reduce ‘psychological distance’ and foster a sense of ‘connectedness’ in distributed working. It explores how digital visualisations of workspaces can create a sense of being ‘local’ in digital space and enrich human experience independent of geography. Partnered with BBC MediaCityUK this project combines design prototyping in an experimental collaboration with staff and associated creative freelance networks. Describing one possible design concept, this paper reports on preliminary insights gathered from a half-day design consultation hosted at BBC North Lab and outlines the proposed approach to design prototyping and evaluation as we seek to develop a local solution to this global challenge.


McAndrew, Claire, Ben Dalton, and Bridget Hardy. "Where do you go to…? Designing ‘connectedness’ in digital public space." (2013).



Include is a biennial international conference that focuses on issues central to inclusive and people-centred design. Include 2013 was organised by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Hong Kong Design Centre and the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


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